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Thomas Jefferson University
Logo Usage

Thomas Jefferson University is our higher education brand. This includes all the Colleges as well as many institutes, centers and programs.

Pre-approved branded templates for email signatures, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, fax and internal communications, research posters, and newsletters are available in the Templates section. Use of these templates does not require approval, but is subject to all appropriate Jefferson policies.

Logo Requests

Requests must be made by a Jefferson employee, and approved by a director level or above. External parties may not directly request use of the trademark. To initiate a request, please follow the steps below:

  • Review the current Trademark Policy. If you have any questions regarding the Policy, contact the Enterprise Brand Manager at 215-503-4948. Please keep in mind that it is a violation of Jefferson policy to use a Jefferson trademark without proper authorization as outlined in the policy. This includes using logo artwork found on the web and/or other sources.
  • Refer to the Jefferson Brand Style Guide PDF. This manual illustrates appropriate use of Jefferson trademarks, and includes color palettes, typography specifications, photography/illustration style and other information about the Jefferson brand.
  • Download the Trademark Use Request Form (TURF), fill it out completely and be sure to include the approval signature of a director level or above. This is not Trademark approval, but approval to initiate the request.
  • All TURFs must be submitted with a sample/mockup that shows the intended use. Download a For Position Only (FPO) logo below to place on your item. If you have any questions regarding the TURF, contact the Enterprise Brand Manager at 215-503-4948.

Approval Response Process

The Enterprise Brand Manager will review your TURF to ensure it is complete and signed by the proper authority. If your document is not in compliance with the Jefferson Brand Style Guide or is not signed by the proper authority, it will be rejected. If rejected, the TURF must be corrected and resubmitted.

If your request is approved, you will be sent the requested file(s) with an agreement that states the parameters of the approved use. This agreement will include the stipulation that a final proof must be submitted and approved by the Enterprise Brand Manger prior going live.

Home of Sidney Kimmel Medical College

The Sidney Kimmel Donor Acknowledgment Line is intended to promote and create awareness of Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC), brand the nexus of Jefferson and SKMC and acknowledge the donor gift. All communication, in whatever form, of Jefferson shall include the line “Home of Sidney Kimmel Medical College.” The line must be used in Enterprise, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health level communications, with the message being that Jefferson is the home of SKMC. Individual colleges would not use this line nor would centers/institutes with donor names. COMPLIANCE IS REQUIRED.

Thomas Jefferson University FPO Logo Files

The logo artwork below has been watermarked with FPO for use in mockups to show the proposed usage of the Jefferson trademark. To download, right click on the logo to save to your hard drive.